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I have helped hundreds of people realize their dreams - whether that be to lose weight, increase confidence, beat depression or anxiety or to  stop smoking - so I know I have the capability to not only help you overcome your issues but to ensure you feel amazing too after your experience hypnosis - it truly is ‘ life changing’.

I will work with you to ensure you feel amazing - to enable you to reach those goals or overcome those issues that have been holding your back possibly for many years.I

I have the expertise - you do have the resources and together we will get you the results you want. So why not give me a ring today on 07532110457 or click on the button below and book your free consultation today!

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Having smoked for over 30 years and trying and failing to give up numerous times I tried hypnotherapy. After only 2 visits it is now seven months without a cigarette and no urges to have one either.’                           Chris Hickman

I cant thank Mairead enough for transfWeiorming my life the way she has. Not only do I look great now but I feel amazing too, much happier and a lot more confident.        Jaqui, Urmston

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Kids Relaxation 5 Mins.MP3 Gambling Addiction Gone in 4 Sessions!

Hi Mairead,      Hope you are well. Its about 8 months since I had my Hypnotherapy sessions with you for my Gambling problems and I am very pleased to report that I have not gambled since my last visit to you. Things at last are starting to sort themselves out and I feel so much better its untrue. contd…..

I offer a life changing, transformational therapy using the most powerful and effective techniques available. I have transformed the lives of hundreds of people which means I can change your life too.

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